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  What`s the differences between aluminum alloy and other cast way?

A:The aluminum alloy gravity cast is different from die casting、sand casting、lost-wax casting  and use steel mold continuous casting in order to produce. We fill mold by own gravity, not only can reduce sand hole and porosity, but also get much preciser crystalline particles microstructure because cast parts cool quickly, increase the strength of cast part and quality stability. The cast part need to work in the high pressure environment, for example engine parts, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, turbo parts, gear box, cooling system parts, spiral blade, valves, compressors, cylinder head, cylinder body, ship parts...etc, all suitable for aluminum alloy gravity cast.

  I want to develop product, how to ask price?

A:You need first 2 Ds or the 3 D diagram file of preparing the product and process to need to process diagram, and tell us the product use, we will be very quick to contact you, and after professional analysis after, soon complete molding tool and product the project provide to you and after you confirm, soon provide offer.

  Why will the price of mold be so different because of different factory, how should I choose?

A:The development of molding needs to consider quite a few item and matches with a professional technique manufacture, usually fee not Ci, but also some manufacturers for robbing business and reducing price, or experience shortage can not consider thoughtful and neglected many work prefaces, natural price cheaper.But the molding tool is an aluminum gravity to cast a condition in the most important one wreath, if the molding tool designs or the manufacture is bad, your product while producing will the Yan stretch quite a few and the problem for canning not expect, seriously even influence quality, finally the molding tool have to discard heavy open of example is also have been already heard.If your product needs to be processed behind, probably can directly overcome to don't need to process when the molding tool design, but cheaper molding tool can not necessarily attain for you, even in order to attain to process accuracy, also want to much and morely process procedure to overcome a molding tool design bad, cause to process a fee higher, so the molding tool cheapness isn't necessarily good.The molding tool handled by us has to consider all-directions, promise its quality, and be responsible for throughout, you can contact with us, more thorough understand.

  What`s the process?

A:The process include common drilling, tapping, milling and turning etc. is mainly an aluminum gravity the foundry comes out of the thick Pei piece processes procedure after two machines again and becomes a spares parts of sophistication's using by providing a construction and making to move.And process equipment to compare to is use while processing of the molding tool , according to needing processed position in the spare parts center to manufacture, ensure spare parts again process process can really fix, will not because the other interference factors cause to process bad condition occurrence.

  Do you mind if I visit factory?

A:Sure, please contact with us, we will arrange the time which you hope.

  I have another question that there isn`t. What can I do?

A:Please immediately contact with us, we will try oru best to make you understand the answer that you want to know.


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