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OEM/ODM Total Solution

Yangsong own abundant experience of aluminum alloy gravity cast factory for over 30 years and the ability to integrate resource of the upper, middle, and lower reaches in order to customers "All In One"development solution .

Especially the engine and cylinder parts of vapor-motorcycle and agricultural machinery , we own a solid technique of developing product and practical experience, can absolutely provide customer the most dependable ability of developing product!

◆Shorten the develop time of mold and reduce the cost of mold.
◆The engine of vapor motorcycle and agricultural machinery and the cylinder manufacturing capacity.
◆The mechanical drives and pneumatic & hydraulic base, shell manufacturing capacity.
◆Precise CNC Lathe second process ability.
◆Polish special surface processing ability.
◆a little amount diverse, flexible manufacture, rapidly response the customer's need.

If you are looking for a dependable OEM/ODM manufacturing company with excellent quality and the technique , please give Yangsong a chance to prove. We will make you trust us.


We have diverse produce in the area of machine hardware parts, everything from CNC rotary cylinder and reduction device and the base of transmission, outer-shell of motor, exhaust blower drum, agricultural machinery …