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A professor of aluminum alloy gravity cast for 30 years

Yangsong is a aluminum alloy gravity cast factory for 30 years with professional technique and abundant experience. We have already become the main supply manufacturer of the high-strength aluminum alloy gravity cast for domestic and international customer because of solid manufacturing ability, good quality and having the price of competitive ability.

The factory area widely reaches to 5000 pings and duct into robotic pouring system consistent production

Yangsong  owns 5000 pings area in Yunlin Technology-based Industrial Park. The factory area is 3000 pings, and put into a huge sum to lead in 7 sets of robotic pouring system, make consistent gravity cast process all complete in the factory from the mold development manufacture to the burning and subsequent engineering , not only can effectively control the date of delivery, quality, reduce the cost of development and manufacturingand and satisfy the customer's need.


Performance throughout the various fields

We manufacture high-strength and high-quality aluminum-alloy precise components successfully for the industry field of vapor-motorcycle, machine, empty hydraulic-pneumatic, pneumatic, electric power, military, ships and aviation …etc., for example:Car scroll, intake manifold, water pump, outer shell of engine, steering wheel, direction machine, air-cylinder head, gear drive box, exhaust blower drum, motor outer-shell, hydraulic-pneumatic rotary cylinder, empty hydraulic-pneumatic vat, the high-pressure pump, cylinder and pneumatic tool …etc. diversified aluminum-alloy product. Not only providing a high-quality product, but also effectively control the date of delivery, provide the best service of customer.

Fund, Looking challenge

Yangsong  makes a much deeper research on each kind of aluminum alloy material characteristic more than the same profession. We are glad that providing customers high quality, more dependable development solution of the aluminum alloy , and  still keep continuously investigating new area, accept larger and more difficult challenge.



We have diverse produce in the area of machine hardware parts, everything from CNC rotary cylinder and reduction device and the base of transmission, outer-shell of motor, exhaust blower drum, agricultural machinery …