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 Why yang song
Chemical composition
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Yangsong particularly uses the aluminum alloy parts especially the vapor motorcycle and the agriculture machine. We purchase the best material, especially not to use impure material in order to keep the best quality. We combine the knowledge about aluminum alloy and years of gravity cast experience, and we can provide customer the most dependable product.

After the gravity casting with AC4C,AC2B or AC8A aluminum alloys, we will undertake T6 heat treatment in order to make the metal crystals more effectively form optimal balance states, so that they can meet the requirements on cylinder or cylinder sleeve.
Due to the considerations in professional aspects, we do not encourage clients to use gravity casting with sand mold due to cost or other facts. The metallurgy structures and mechanical features of metal mold for gravity casting are unreachable by the gravity casting with sand mold.


We have diverse produce in the area of machine hardware parts, everything from CNC rotary cylinder and reduction device and the base of transmission, outer-shell of motor, exhaust blower drum, agricultural machinery …